Logan High
Community Council Minutes
October 18, 2017
Conference Room @ 5pm

Sheryl Aguilar Amy Anderson Ken Auld Moncia Chase
Melissa Dahle Dan Kent Melanie Pond Jessica Sanders
CariAnn Saurey Tracy Strickland Jim Woolley Stephanie Olsen
Stacee Flygare(ex) Mike Hansen(ex) Tawni Hyde(ex) Melanie Peterson(ex)
Nev Pulotu(ex) Heather Ratchford(ex) Sela Wallace(ex)

Welcome & call to Order

    Chair Pond

Review and Approval of September 2017 Minutes

  • Jessica Sanders motioned
  • Melissa Dahle 2nd
  • All in favor

Update of Expenditures under SIP Budget 2017-2018 Discussion

  • $213,000 available with new budget and rollover from previous year.
  • Principal Auld explained staffing difficulty with staffing
    • aides leaving mid-year
    • Locating and hiring qualified staff.
  • Money has been allocated for 7 AVID tutors but not yeat approved by the District and 2 faculty trining were covere by District.
  • We have 2 Math Paras on staff, but need 2 more
  • we need more ESL help as there are 55 students not being serviced in that capacity


  • Update on Innovations Progress
    • Principal Auld updated the council on the Innovations program, how former South Campus students were adjusting and overall progression.
    • He said it is a work in progress, we have studens who are working at an accelerated pace and those who need more time and encouragement.
    • He had spoken to the Innovations teachers, (many of whom have "brick & mortar" classes as well) about the importance of being a mentor to these students.
  • Update on Americorp Mentor Position
    • The Americorps position was waiting for Board approval that should happen at the next Board meeting.
  • Update on Utah Board of Education LHS "grade"
  • LHS given a "C" grade by the State.
  • Principal Auld explained some of the reasons for receiving that grade.
    • One reason is that a lot of our higher level performers "optout" of taking the SAGE test by parent permission, which can lower the school scores significantly.

Questions/Concerns from Council Members

  • Can a parent representative be on the school Safety commitee was brought up agian.
    • Principal Auld said he would address this.
  • A council member aske about student lockers
    • Could existing locker sby used by Swim team member where they practice off site and have to carry their gear around all day?
    • Could we create a lottery for interested students to access existing lockers.
  • A questions was asked about an Open House for the community when construction is complete.
  • Chair Melanie Pond brough to the councils attention important upcoming dates.


  • Principal Auld motioned
  • Melissa Dahle 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    November 15, 2017 @ 5 p.m.