Logan High
Community Council Minutes
January 18, 2018
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy Anderson Ken Auld Monica Chase Dan Kent
Melanie Peterson Melanie Pond Jessica Sanders Sela Wallace
Stephanie Olsen Tracy Strickland(ex) Mike Hansen(ex) Nev Pulotu(ex)
Melissa Dahle(ex) Stacee Flygare(ex) Tawni Hyde(ex) Tawni Hyde(ex)
Heather Ratchford(ex) CariAnn Suraey(ex) Jim Woolley(ex)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Chair Pond

REview and approval of December 2017 Minutes

  • Ken Auld montioned
  • Jessica Sanders 2nd
  • All in favor

Update of Expenditures under SIP budget 2017-2018 Discussion

  • Updates were made, the available budget of $211,859 as of 1/16/2018 had expended $49,375.13 leaving a balance of $162,483.87. Expected to continue through to the end of the year:
    • Carryover to 2018-2019: $12,000.00
    • Wages and Benefits (Feb-June): $50,000.00
    • Encumbrance for Equipment (jan 2018: $12,550.00 [$77,993.87]
    • PBIS/Hero (5k)
    • New Hires tutors/paras/aides(40k)
    • Teacher Stipends (8k)
    • Data Driven Instruction Training (20k)
    • PLC Training(7k)
    • Some suggestions for extra funds were:
      • Offer more teacher the option to work through their Prep period, providing more instructions/help for studetns, creating Math, Science and English "Labs".


  • Parent members, open spots
    • Tracy Munson to take on 1.5-year term and LIanne wappet to toke on the .5-year term
      • Melanie Peterson motioned
      • Dan Kent 2nd
      • All in favor


  • Principal Auld discussed 2nd quarter grades, absences, Innovations update and other per Prinipal discretion.
  • He also talked about Sharp survey results, students not feeling comfortable talking to teachers, lost in the crowd, this brought up questions:
    • Could we hire more Counselors?
    • Ken's response: We are actually below the State ratio of counselors to students and we could definitely benefit from having more.
    • We need to send any concerns to the Superintendent.
  • Are the "incentive" cards being handed out by teacher/staff and being redeemed at the school store?
    • Response: We will look into the data on that.
  • Chair Melanie Pond brought ot the council's attention important upcoming dates.


  • Jessica Sanders motioned
  • Sela Wallace 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, February 21, 2018 @ 5 p.m.