Logan High
Community Council Minutes
March 21, 2108
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy Anderson Ken Auld Moncia Chase Melissa Dahle
Tawni Hyde Dan Kent Eric Markwroth Tracy Munson
Melanie Peterson Melanie Pond Heather Ratchfor Sela Wallace
Lianne Wappett CariAnn Saurey Stephanie Olsen Mike Hansen(excused
Nev Pulotu(excused) Stacee Flygar(excused) Jessica Sanders(excused) Jim Woolley(excused)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Chair Pond

Review and Approval of February 2018 Minutes

  • Sela Ward motioned
  • Dan Kent 2nd
  • All in favor

Update of Expenditures under SIP Budget 2017-2018 Discussion

  • Disucssion of funds still pending.
  • 10 more teachers to go to AVID summer training.
  • Leadership Conference at USU for Latinos in Action students and Faculty Advisor.
  • Extra correlations meeting for Faculty by department in summer outside of contract days.
  • Requests by teachers for classroom needs.
  • Motion to approve expenditures.
    • Dan Kent motioned
    • Melanie Peterson 2nd
    • All in favor


  • Principal Auld discussed satellite courses through USU for next year.
  • He also spoke of parent concerns over AP and other classes requireing so much homework.
  • He talked about incoporating the LIA(Latinos in Action) presidency into teh Student Body Officer Organization and increasing the numbers in the LIA class to reach out to more of our Latino students.
  • Assistant Principal Eric Markworth talked about the DIR-S safety app training upcoming for Faculty.
    • This app can contact teachers, admin and local authorities in real time about safety threats, etc. to the school.
  • Chair Melanie Pond brought to the Council's attention important upcoming dates.


  • Melissa Dahle motioned
  • Sela Wallace 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 @ 5 p.m.