Logan High
Community Council Minutes
April 30, 2019
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy Anderson(excused) Ken Auld(excused) Melissa Dahle Bretton Hadfield
Dan Kent Erick Markworth Candi Miller(excused) Melanie Pond
Jessica Sanders(excused) Lianne Wappett(excused) Stephanie Olsen Liz Dickenson
Mike Hansen(excused) Julie Needham Nev Pulotu(excused) Jim Wooley (excused)
CariAnn Saurey (excused)

Welcome & Call to Order

Review and Approval March 2019 Minutes

  • Unable to approve March 2019 meeting minutes as not enough members were in attendance.
  • Will approve by email at a later date.


  • Some outstanding monies to be paid, Vice Principal Markworth mentioned the program "Read 180" to the council and asked for a vote on adding it to the budget, it will be voted on electroniclly.
  • He also invited all council members to the Online Safetly Seminar being held at LHS.
  • The administration presented the "Learning Academy" to teachers, 50 signed up to participate.
  • Vice Principal Markwroth introduced Tyler Renshaw from USU to speak to the council about the possiblity of having Graduate Student interns in the school to ehlp with Mental health issues/concerns.

Questions/Concerns from Council Members

  • Some parents were concerned about technological problems with ASPIRE test
  • Problems were at the State office level, they are working on it.
  • Bretton Hadfield brought changes to the NCAA rules for academic athletes to the attention of the council.

No Motion to Adjourn

  • Not enough members available to vote

Next Meeting

  • Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 5 pm.