Logan High
Community Council Agenda
August 21, 2019
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy Anderson Bill Bradford Melissa Dahle Candi Miller
Jennifer Davis Liz Dickenson Bretton Hadfield Julie Needham
David Henderson Dan Kent Eric Markworth Melanie Pond
Jessica Sanders Lianne Wappett Stephanie Olsen Ken Auld(excused)
CariAnn Saurey(excused) Jim Woolley(excused)

Welcome & Call to Order

  • Dan Kent

Review and Approval May 2019 Minutes

  • Motion to approve by Jessica Sanders, seconded by Melanie Pond

Election of LHSCC Officers

  • Chair Dan Kent opened up the floor for nominations for new officers
  • Bretton Hadfield made a motion current officers Chair Dan Kent and Co-Chair Melissa Dahle remain one more year.
  • Julie Needham 2nd

Business: Review of SIP/STL Plan

  • Vice Principal Eric Mark worth asked the council to look at a proposed amendment:
    • Goal # 1- During the 2019-20 school year our students will increase their achievement scores on the School Accountability Report Card in the areas of ELL Proficiency and Aspire Plus by at least 2%
    • Amended expenditures:
    • Coordinator, ESL Aides Instructional Coach x 2 Leadership Team- $51, 065.12
    • 6 Instructional Assistants for a total $66,283
    • 1 Teacher prep buyout (.125 FTE) $11,124.33
    • Learning Academy (10 teachers) $18,000
      • Approval of amendment was proposed by Melanie Pond,
      • Melissa Dahle 2nd
    • Proposal on revising current Dress Code policy- tabled for further review
    • Presentation by David Henderson on Innovations program data

Questions/Concerns from Council Members

  • Council member asked for clarification on which administrators are over different areas at LHS
  • Vice Principal Markworth will provide that information at next meeting


  • Motion to adjourn made by Dan Kent
  • Bretton Hadfield 2nd

Next Meeting

  • September 18, 2019