Logan High
Community Council Minutes
September 27, 2017
Conference Room @ 5pm

Sheryl Aguilar Jessica Sanders Melissa Dahle Moncia Chase
Tracy Stickland Melanie Pond Dan Kent Jim Woolley
CariAnn Saurey Mike Hansen Stephanie Olsen Jim Peacock
Roxanne Sharr Trudy Peterson Matt Southam Robbie Hancock
Amy Anderson Brandon Shaffer Richard Hopkins Ken Auld(ex)
Stacee Flygare(ex) Tawni Hyde(ex) Melanie Peterson(ex) Nev Pulotu(ex)
Sela Wallace(ex)

Welcome & Call to Order

    Chair Pond

REview of May and August 2017 Minutes

  • Dan Kent motioned
  • Heather Ratchford 2nd
  • All in favor

LHS Update

  • Roxanne Sharr introduced new Counselors and had them each say a little bit about themselves.
    • Matt Southam spoke about the great technology availabe to LHS students, and positive interactions with students.
    • Amy Anderson said she values teh Administration and teacher support.
    • Trudy Petderson mentioned being connected and committed to LCSD, happy to interact with students she had at MLMS
    • Robbie Hancock talked about the positive impace Bridgerland Tech College creates, many LHS students taking advantage of that.
    • Brandon Shaffer was enthusiastic about the new Counseling Team, feels they will work well together and are off to a great start.
    • Chair Pond thanked the Counselors for their efforts on behlf of LHS students and excused them to leave.

Special Guest Presenter

  • Richard Hopkins went over the Utah Educational Savings Plan(UESP).
  • He talked about how beneficial it can be for students to ehlpe fund their educations after high school
  • Council members were more supportive of getting more information about it to the community and parents.


  • Chair Pond brought the matter of a new Chair and Vice Chair to the Council's attention.
    • Melanie Pond as Chair & Sela Wallace as Vice Chair
      • Jim Woolley motioned
      • Jessica Sanders 2nd
      • All in favor
  • Chair Pond reviewed teh School Land Trust/School Imporement Plan(SIP) 17-18, we are on track with the SIP budget for 2017-2018 school year.
  • Jem Peacock spoke on behalf of Principal Auld about the need of an Americorps Mentor for At Risk students.
    • Salary would be shared with USU, $9,000 from the Trustlands budgets.
      • Jessica Sanders motioned
      • Dan Kent 2nd
      • All in favor

Questions/Concerns from Council Members

  • One memeber asked if LHS holds a Safety Meeting
    • Jim Peacock responded that a meeting had been held the day before.
    • It was suggested that a parent be added to the committee.
    • Chair Pond will look into it.
  • Chair Melanie Pond brough to the councils attention important upcoming dates.


  • Melanie Pond motioned
    • All in favor

Next Meeting

    October 18, 2017 @ 5 p.m.