Logan High School Attendance Policy

Every School Day, Every Class Counts


An intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. Absences caused by students on their own free will, and does not refer to legitimate, state valid excuses or school related activities. Unverified single period absences will be considered truancies. Truancies may restrict students from participating in extra-curricular activities.

  • 1st Truancy/Sluff:  Student referred to Dean of Students or administration
  • 2nd Truancy/Sluff:  Meeting with parent/guardian with Dean of Students and/or Administration
  • 3rd Truancy/Sluff:  1 School Day Re-Focus Room, Meet w/Dean and assigned 2 hours community service
  • 4th Truancy/Sluff:  2 School Days Re-Focus Room, Meet w/Dean and assigned 4 hours community service

Any additional Truancy/Sluff will result in parent conference and student behavior contract with the Dean of Students and/or Administration.


An absence is defined as any time a student is not in attendance in the classroom to which he or she has been assigned or arrives more than 20 minutes after the start of class. Any type of absenteeism (other than an exempt absence.) A parent/guardian may excuse a student’s absence within 5 school days of the absence.

  • LEVEL I:  All students start on level one and have complete computer access to all academic programs including social media outside of school hours.
  • LEVEL II*:  3 unexcused absences or missing 4 consecutive class periods per quarter. No social media outside of school hours. Meet with Dean of Students and parent contact with first truancy letter.
  • LEVEL III*:  6 unexcused absences or missing 8 consecutive class periods per quarter. Only academic access to laptops. Student laptops will be checked in and checked out each school day. Parent and student meeting with Administration and/or Dean of students second truancy letter. Juvenile Court Referral and student tracker.
  • LEVEL IV*:  12 unexcused absences or missing 16 consecutive class periods per quarter. School issued laptop turned in and education options will be determined on an education contract. Administration and Dean of Students meeting and third truancy letter. Mandatory Juvenile Justice Service (J.J.S.) class after school from 3-4 pm and student tracker.
*A student may go back to a less restrictive level if they demonstrate 2 weeks of 100% attendance

ALL students that reach Level IV will be turned over to Truancy Remediation or Juvenile Justice Services. Non-Compliant students who do not respond will be turned over to the juvenile courts for a Habitual Truancy violation.


All students are expected to be in class when the bell rings. Students will be considered tardy if not in their assigned class when the bell rings. Students who are more than 20 minutes late to class will receive an unexcused absence unless excused by contacting the school office within 24 hours by a parent/guardian. Total tardies per class, per quarter will result in the following:

  • 3 Tardies Per Class:  Warning, Parent/Guardian contact made by the classroom teacher
  • 6 Tardies Per Class:  Office Referral - Call home and meet with the Dean of Students
  • 9 Tardies Per Class:  Inform parent, 3 lunch sessions in Refocus Room
  • 12+ Tardies Per Class:  Parent meeting, 6 lunch sessions in Refocus Room


When a student has missed 10 consecutive days they will be dropped from our school’s membership counts. It is imperative that teachers are taking accurate real time attendance. This enables us to report our membership truthfully to the State of Utah. A registered letter will be sent home explaining that their student will be dropped if the school is not contacted by a certain date. If a meeting does not take place the registrar will be notified to drop the student. If and when the student wants to return to LHS they will need to complete the registration process from the start as if they were a brand new student.