Girls Soccer Is Going To State

State soccer begins this Saturday at 1pm. We will be hosting the game here at Logan High against Bear River. The winner will move on and play on October 16 at Cedar Valley High School.

LHS News

Logan High School Adds Another State Championship!

This summer, a group of Logan High School students competed in the NCF Envriothon National competition hosted by North Carolina State University. Students competed against teams from all over the United States, Canada, and China (54 total), with the theme for this year’s competition being “Agriculture and Technology, Feeding a World of 9 Billion”. Students were tested on their knowledge of soil and land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, and wildlife management.  The competition is spread throughout a week and includes training, field testing, and an oral presentation.  The oral presentation is a test of a team’s ability to come up with a solution to a local problem and communicate it to a panel of professionals.  Each team member is responsible for becoming an “expert” in one of the given topics and contributing their expertise to the team when solving problems.  In doing so, this Logan High School team, led by LHS Science teacher Andrew Semadeni, consisted of Gari Garg, Drew Broadhurst, Hanna Vaslet, Meridian Wappett, and Ashlee Barton returned back to Logan toting a well-earned STATE CHAMPIONSHIP title! Way to go, Team Grizz!

Community Council Candidate Form

Community Council Candidate Form

Fill out and return to Logan High main office by Monday, May 17th.

Add Your Photos to the Yearbook


We want to use your pictures in this year's yearbook!  Please click on the following link to upload your photographs, so that the yearbook staff can have access to them.  The higher the resolution, the better, but we'll check out anything you've got.  Help us immortalize you and your friends in the LHS Amphion!

When this shortcut is gone you can still add picture by going to Students>LHS Info>Yearbook