Logan Senior High School

162 West First South • Logan, Utah 84321
Phone 435-755-2380 • Fax 435-755-2387
CEEB Code 450-170 • www.loganschools.org

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The Students

Logan High School is a comprehensive, public four-year high school that serves the students living in Logan City, Utah. Currently, there are 1,590 students enrolled in grades nine through twelve, and graduating classes are usually just under 400 students. Of our LHS graduates, approximately 40% go on to a 4 year university, along with another estimated 15% that attend trade schools or junior colleges. Sixty-four (64%) percent of the students are Caucasian, with the remaining thirty-six (36%) percent divided among a variety of ethnic groups from around the world. The Latino population comprises the largest minority group at thirty (30%) percent. In addition, 7% of our student-body are English Language Learners (ELL). A significant number of students at LHS are from families who are at or near the poverty line. Forty-four (44%) percent of the student population is currently receiving free or reduced lunch.

 The Curriculum

The Logan High School academic program has a semester course schedule and awards grades every quarter. In August 2017, the school transitioned to an A/B block schedule with eight classes per semester (86 minutes per class), so they can earn 8.0 credits per school year (in previous years they could only earn 7.0, on a traditional seven-period semester schedule). The Class of 2019 are required to have a total of 24 credits, including these core requirements: English (4 credits), Math (3 credits), Science (3 credits), Social Studies (3 credits), World Languages (1 credit), Fine Arts (1.5 credits), Healthy Lifestyles/Health (2 credits), Career Technical Education (1 credit), Educational Technology (.5 credit), and General Financial Literacy (.5 credit). Logan High graduation requirements exceed the Utah State Board of Education minimum requirements. Logan High School is fully accredited by AdvancEd. There is no weighting of grades, ranks, or GPAs.

Logan High School offers approximately 200 different courses including twelve (12) Advanced Placement classes and seventeen (17) concurrent enrollment courses through two universities. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in Art, American History, U.S. Government, European History, Psychology, Calculus AB, Statistics, Biology, Physics, English Language, and English Literature. In the spring of 2017, Logan High students completed a total of 604 AP courses. Of the 2017 graduating class, thirty (30%) had passed at least one AP test during their high school tenure (more recent data is still being processed). Logan High also claims home to 10 of the past 43 US Presidential Scholars in the state of Utah (since the year 2000), 5 more than the state runner-up. The breadth and success of Logan High School’s AP, Concurrent Enrollment, and scholar programs demonstrate the comprehensive nature of the school and its commitment to academic rigor, intellectual excellence, global relevance, and strong interpersonal relationships.

Logan High is in the shadow of Utah State University and our students and faculty enjoy many connections with USU. Likewise, we have a close relationship with the nearby state technical college, BTech. Over four hundred of our students take classes at BTech each yea

Test Information

Many LHS students participate in the National Merit Scholarship Program, and Logan High has averaged five semifinalists each year in the past decade. Using the ACT Test as the primary college admissions test and having every junior take the test, Logan City School District has committed our students to test preparation as one component of accomplishing the goal of College and Career Readiness for each student. The average ACT score for the school was 19.9 in 2017.

September 2018