Summer School Registration

Logan High School summer session will run Monday through Thursday, June 10 through July 18, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Logan High School. This is an opportunity for students to make up lost credit and/or complete Innovations course work. There will be an English, math, science, and social studies teacher available each day to help your student make progress. Students may also register for a six-week sculpting course or a two-week experiential science course (Cache Classroom). We will also offer a Math I/II Credit Recovery course. Summer school is available for all Logan High students, including incoming freshman. Free lunch will be provided daily through the district summer lunch program at the high school beginning June 10.

Class Descriptions

Cache Classroom:
Ever wish a classroom extended beyond the walls of school?  The “Cache Classroom” summer science class takes you there!  We explore, collect data, and visit professionals “in” their field.   If you love being outside, are not afraid of getting dirty, and love to connect with the natural world, then this class is for you! This class runs Monday – Friday, 9:00 to 4:00, June 10 through June 21.

Math I/II Credit Recovery:
This summer math course will include online course material. Each day there will be a mini lesson taught, although students will move at their own pace. Some of the material we will cover will be equations, inequalities, and exponentials.

Beginning and Intermediate Stone Sculpture:
Students will learn the elements of design (Lines,texture, plain, form, color, and shape) and how to apply these elements to their work. Each student will receive a Soap Stone at the beginning of the class, they are responsible for coming up with the form or design for their stone. Students is required to create a clay marquette of their form before moving on to the carving portion of the class. As part of the class, students will learn how to use pneumatic tools, hand tools, and finishing tools to create stone sculptures. Students will also learn safety usage of tools and vocabulary. This is a fun and challenging class and will prepare students for sculpture 2 class

For any questions, please contact your LHS counselor. 

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