Logan High
Community Council Minutes
May 15, 2019
Conference Room @ 5pm

Amy Anderson Ken Auld Melissa Dahle Bretton Hadfield
Dan Kent Eric Markworth Candi Miller Melanie Pond(excused)
Jessica Sanders Lianne Wappett(excused) Stephanie Olsen Liz Dickenson(excused)
Mike Hansen(excused) Julie Needham Nev Pulotu(excused) Jim Wooley
CariAnn Saurey

Welcome & Call to Order

  • Daniel Kent

Review and approval March and April 2019 Minutes

  • Melissa Dahle motioned
  • Jessica Sanders 2nd
  • All in favor


  • Principal Auld updated council members on where we are for goals, reading progress is still in the low range, we could have 3 full time reading teachers and still not reach every student but we are working on it.
  • Principal Auld was very pleased to announce there are 53 teachers who committed to the Learning Academy being held in June this year.
  • Vice Principal Markwork reported we have contracted with Utah State University to have an Intern 20 hours a week in conjunction with the Psychology Department as discussed in the April Community Council meeting.

Questions/Concerns from Council Members

  • Concerns about the number of teachers leaving LHS for Cache County schools, is the county actively recruiting our teachers?
    • The caliber of teachers at Logan High is remarkable, it is an ongoing problem with a small District competing with larger districts and their tax base.
    • We are doing everything we can to keep our teachers, employees of the District were just given a substantial raise.
  • Question about students keeping their school issued laptops over the summer break?
    • Students will be allowed to keep their laptops with parent approval, forms were sent home for parent signatures.
  • Chair Dan Kent reminded the council about elections, closing date May 17th 2019, voting will be held May 18th- 24th.


  • Principal Auld motioned
  • Jim Woolley 2nd
  • All in favor

Next Meeting

  • TBD (August 2019)