New Student Registration

Welcome to Logan High School!

In order to accommodate the large number of new high school students moving into the Logan School District, please review the following admissions requirements. Students must:

  • Be living with a legal parent or guardian within Logan City limits. Questions regarding guardianship should be directed to the District Office at 101 W. Center Street in Logan. Their number is (435) 755-2300.
  • Provide proof of residency within Logan City boundaries (ex. utility bill, rental agreement, checking account, etc.).
  • Have current immunization records. See registration packet for specific immunization requirements. it is the parent’s responsibility to provide immunization records. Immunization records may be faxed directly to Logan High School prior to student registration at (435) 755-2387. Students will not be allowed to enroll without complete immunization records.
  • Have an unofficial copy of transcripts or grades. Logan High School will send for official records and cumulative folders.
  • Bring in the original student’s birth certificate.


Follow this link to register your student.