Bridgerland Technical College (BTech) Courses

The following courses are taught at the Bridgerland Technical College (BTech). Transportation to and from BTech will be provided on a scheduled basis. BTech in Logan provides an exciting opportunity for advanced vocational/technology training. The BTech programs feature the latest technology in each area of study with an emphasis on training to be ready to enter the job market. The programs are fast-paced and challenging. Although open to students of any level, these technology classes are generally recommended for students who have completed basic courses fat the high school (where offered) and are ready to move into more in–depth technology training.

Note from BTech:
Thank you for your interest in career and technical education and especially for your interest in attending Bridgerland Technical College (BTech). In an effort to simplify your enrollment process at BTech we are asking that every student who is planning to attend a course at BTech, complete an “Admissions Form.” The form can be found on the internet by going to, clicking on the admissions tab and choosing the high school application. We are asking that you please compete the form prior to your first day of class. This will allow us to more effectively serve you as our students and maximize your instructional time. We have many programs for you to choose from Please visit our website,, to find what is offered. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the high school secretary at (435) 750-3189. We look forward to seeing you on our campus. BTech Student Services

For further information, please visit:

BTech FEES 2018-2019
Course Name
American Sign LanguageASL I, ASL II, ASL IIINone
Animal ScienceVet Tech$67-$133
$25 Lab Fee
Auto CollisionAuto Collision Approx. $25
Automated ManufacturingAutomated Manufacturing AM STEM$75 Full Year
Not Prorated
Automotive ServiceAutomotive ServiceApprox. $30
Building TechnologyCarpentry$40
Business TechnologyBusiness Technology$0-$120
Certified Nursing Assisting (CNA)Certified Nursing Assisting(CNA)Approx $140-$260
Culinary ArtsCulinary ArtsApprox. $80
Dental AssistingDental AssistingApprox. $15-$1000
DieselDiesel Mechanics$20 Fee & Approx. $28
DraftingDrafting TechnologyNone
Drug Dosages & CalculationsDrug Dosages & CalculationsApprox. $1000
Electronic Engineering TechnologyElectronic Engineering Technology$75 Full Year
Not Prorated
Fashion MerchandisingFashion Merchandising A,B Beginning & Adv. Sweing$15-$25 Per Semester
$20 Packet
Information Technology (IT)Information Technology (IT)$25 Per Semester
PM STEM IT AcademyPM STEM IT AcademyNone
Interior DesignOccupational Interior Design$40 Per Semester
Intro to Heavy Equipment OperationsIntro to Heavy Equipment Operations$25 Fee
Machining TechnologyMachining Technology$10-$20
Meat ServiceMeat Cutting$20-$120
Media DesignDrafting GraphicsNone
Medical AssistingMedical Assisting$15 Supplies
Medical TerminologyMedical TerminologyApprox. $85/Book
Pharmacy TechnicianPharmacy Technician$20 Lab Fee
Real EstateReal EstateNone
Web & Mobile Dev.Web & Mobile Dev.None
WeldingWeldingApprox. $30-$80
*Fee Waivers may cover some expenses. Please see your counselor.