What is the L-pin?


The L-pin is the ONLY award given by Logan High School.  It signifies school spirit, participation in extracurricular activities, and academic achievement.  Students awarded the L-pin represent the outstanding students who have taken advantage of the many opportunities offered at Logan High School.


To qualify for an L-pin a student must:

  1. be a graduating senior – You can start earning points as a Freshman

  2. have an acceptable student conduct record AND

  3. Have earned 400 or more points from at least TWO of the following Logan High activities: Athletics, clubs, curricular activities, and student leadership.

  4. Points will NOT be awarded in activities for which a student violates training rules or disregards school standards.

  5. No more than 200 points can be earned in any one year.

Seniors are awarded their “L”pin at the “L” Banquet held in the spring of each year to honor those seniors who have actively participated at Logan High School.

 If you are an underclassman and are curious if you are on track to earn the L-Pin or if you have any further questions please email Mary Morgan at mary.morgan@loganschools.org or Amy Downer at amy.downer@loganschools.org