Driver’s Ed at Logan High School 2019-2020

If you are a senior you must take Driver's Ed DURING the school year.
It is best to finish the class before you are 15 ½.

Driver's ed dates

Dates Teacher Time
Sept 3-11 (7 total days) BROWN 3-7 pm
Oct 21st - Nov 1st (9 total days) Brown/Lindley 3-6 pm
Nov 11th - Dec 5th (15 total days) Lindley 3-5 pm
Jan 13th - Feb 4th (15 total days) Wirthlin 3-5 pm
Feb 8th - Mar 6th (15 total days) Lindley 3-5 pm
Mar 16th - Mar 25th (7 total days) Brown 3-7 pm
Apr 6th - Apr 23rd (15 total days) Wirthlin 3-5 pm
June 3rd - 11th (7 total days) Wirthlin/Brown 10 am - 2 pm

Fees and other information

The fee to take Driver’s Ed at LHS is $150.  Please sign up and pay this fee to the finance secretary in the front office. If you have a fee waiver at LHS, it will cover the fee for Driver’s Ed, but you still need to speak with the finance secretary to sign up for the class.

Driver’s Ed consists of two parts – the classroom portion and the driving portion.  You must be able to attend every class during the classroom portion in order to pass.

For the driving portion, you will drive with an LHS instructor and another student for a total of 12 hours; six hours driving and six observing the other student driver.  You will take the driving test from your instructor on your last day of driving.

Obtain your driver’s permit from the Driver’s License Division.  The DLD is located at 110 E. 700 S. in Logan.  See this link for details on what is required to obtain your permit:

Although you do not have to have your driver’s permit to take the classroom portion of Driver’s Ed, it is strongly encouraged.   You must have your permit and have done practice driving with a parent or guardian BEFORE you will be allowed to drive with an LHS instructor.   Since you will take the driving test at the end of your drive time with our instructor, it is in your best interest to do as much practice driving as possible before that time to increase your chances of passing the test.  If you fail the test with your instructor, it is then your responsibility to retake the test on your own with a DLD driver.

You may opt to take the classroom portion online, but please be advised that if you wish to complete the driving portion with an LHS instructor, you will still have to pay the $150 fee.