What does USU STARS! GEAR UP stand for?

USU STARS! GEAR UP stands for Utah State University Science Technology Arithmetic Reading Students Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

What is the purpose of USU STARS?

USU STARS! is a federally funded program that was designed to help students prepare for and succeed in college. Students will be followed in this program until they complete their first year of college. Schools and community partners have teamed up to provide services to students, parents, and educators that will ensure a bright educational future for the next generation.

GEAR UP at Logan High School

Here are a few services the GEAR UP program is providing for our LHS students: 

  • College and Career Workshops the first Wednesday of each month after school

  • Student Mentoring

  • Tutoring Programs and Services

  • Classroom Instructional Assistants

  • After School Homework Assistance

  • AVID program

  • Greenpower Car Program

  • Aviation Club

  • Technology Purchases

  • College Campus Visits

  • STEM Field Trips

  • Faculty Professional Development

  • Shmoop

  • Virtual Job Shadow

  • Summer Programs

Logan High School


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