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The ACT test is required by most universities when applying for admission, and also is a factor for many scholarships. Some universities, especially competitive ones on the east coast, prefer or even require the SAT test instead of the ACT test, so you should check with the universities you are interested in.

Taking the ACT is not a graduation requirement.

Students can take the ACT test many times, and generally universities consider only the test with the highest score. All juniors at Logan High take the ACT test in March, and this test date is free to the student and all arrangements are made in school. Students may otherwise sign up on their own with ACT to take the test on any national test date (about six times per year). Universities often offer a “residual” ACT which can be used only at that institution (see your counselor for more information). (To link to USU’s Residual ACT test, go to

The test costs about $40, with additional fees possible for things like late registration, adding on a writing test (some universities or programs ask for this score), or signing for ACT’s advanced test preparation resources.

The website for students to access information and register for the ACT test is:

Preparing for the ACT test:

On-line This usually costs money, but the state of Utah has paid for you, so if you set up an account and identify Logan High as your school, you can get free access by using the magic word (aka password): HIKING. (If you are in the graduating class of 2018 and 2019, there are also additional study helps and courses available through Shmoop; see your counselor or GearUp coordinator for more information). You can set up a free account, to study and practice math and English. The same website where you register to take the ACT. They have some basic free tips and practice, and then if you want you can pay $20 for more resources and practice. A free program provided by the U.S. Army, but free and with no strings attached. Has practice tests and flashcards to build skills. A strong, nationally regarded, for-profit program. But it is expensive. Use the username: pioneer, and password: discover, to log in (you will skip this step when using a school computer). Click on LearningExpress Library, then “Register” (the first time you get to this point, you will create account for yourself). Once in, find the “College Prep Center” to access extensive ¡ACT study tools.
Independent Study LHS and/or Public library In the school or public library, you can ask for help finding ACT prep guides, some of which you can check out and take home.
BATC In the Academic Learning Center at BATC, they have a self-paced, computer-based course that you can use for free if you take your LHS student body card. Check in at the Academic Learning Center, or at the main desk and they can point you in the right direction.
Face-to-Face Class ACT math prep class at LHS Periodically the LHS math department (or others) offers ACT math prep courses after school. Ask your math teacher or guidance counselor if there is one coming up that you can attend.

Did you know?

  • You can take the ACT test up to 12 times……but, well, yeah.

  • You can take what’s called the “Residual ACT” on most university campuses (including USU), about any week you want…but only that university can use that score! Special rules apply.

  • Students who take the ACT a second time raise their score by an average of almost 2 points. But not so much if they take it a 3rd or 4th time, unless they really do some major preparation.


There is no cost to take this test.  Click here to find out more about the ASVAB.

Click here to prepare by checking out a video tutorial, study guide and a free practice test.