Logan High School
Memorandum, policies & Procedures

Title Extracurricular and Athlectic Eligibility Number 101 Eligibility
Section 100 Athletics Approval Date January 7, 2019
Subsection 101 Eligibility Effective Date January 14, 2019

1.1 At Logan High School we believe that participation in extracurricular activities are an important part of a student’s overall educational experience. We want students to perform well both inside and outside the classroom. The following minimum guidelines apply to all UHSAA activities and are recommended for all extra-curricular activities at Logan High School including clubs, organizations, etc. Coaches and advisors have the option to increase these requirements if they are approved with the administration and are well publicized.
2.1 uhsaa.org
3.1 Attendance: The physical presence and participation in a class period.
3.2 Probation: The forfeiture of an athletic event or activity due to lack of adherence to the policy.
3.3 Truancy: Anytime a student leaves home for school, but does not arrive; comes to school, but does not attend; leaves class or school without checking out properly; or obtains permission to go to a certain place, but does not report there.
3.4 Academics: The application of one’s knowledge in the form of a letter grade.
3.5 Fees: The monetary amount required to participate in the club, activity, or sport
3.6 Fee Waiver: The absolution of fees according to the students’ families financial needs
4.1The School will follow the Eligibility Policy for student participants outlined in the procedures below
5.1 Attendance
All Logan High School students participating in events sponsored by the Utah High School Activities Association must maintain 90% attendance and have fewer than 10% tardies (excluding school excused) to remain eligible to participate. All Logan High School student participants must attend all classes the day of an event to be eligible to participate in the activity. If a student falls below 90% attendance or has more than 10% tardies at any given time during a quarter in which they are participating, they will be placed on probation (see Probation below).
5.2 Academics
To be eligible to participate in events sponsored by the Utah High School Activities Association, a student must maintain a 2.0 GPA and receive no more than one failing grade in the preceding quarter in which the student is participating*. Students must also be a full time student, which is defined at LHS as enrolled in six of eight classes. Student athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA and not be failing more than one class during the quarter in which they are participating or they will be placed on probation. Every effort will be made to verify the accuracy of grades before probation is enacted. * If a student is given an Incomplete (I) grade, the student will not be eligible until the grade is changed to a passing grade.
5.3 Social Media
See Social Media Policy (102)
5.4 Fees
ALL Athletic and Club Fees must be paid in full for a student to be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities (UHSAA, Organizations, Associations, Curricular Clubs, etc.). Fees for an activity are due once the student has been selected as a participant. The only exceptions are for those students who are on fee waiver or who have prior, documented administrative approval. Parents can pre-arrange a payment plan for student fees.
5.5 Probation
When on probation, the student will miss the next scheduled game, or event and all subsequent events until they are released from probation. A student is released from probation when the student has met the eligibility requirements set forth in the preceding paragraphs.
5.6 Truancy
Truant behavior will not be tolerated. Following are the minimum consequences for truant behavior. If a student is found by a law enforcement officer or school official to be “truant”, at any time, the student may be issued a truancy citation or the absence may be logged as truant in Aspire. A truancy citation or logged truancy for a student participating in UHSAA activities results in the following:
  1. The first violation will result in suspension for eligibility for one game/activity.
  2. The second violation will result in suspension of eligibility for two games/activities.
  3. The third violation will result in suspension of eligibility for four games/activities.
  4. All further violations will be reviewed by administration, athletic director, and the coach.
5.7 Appeal
Students may appeal probation or eligibility decisions by scheduling a meeting with the Assistant Principal over Athletics. According to Utah High School Activities Association policy, no eligibility appeals are allowed once a grade has been posted.